SCOM Operator Training

Whether you are new to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) or already have some experience with the product, you may want or need to gain more knowledge of this product.  

Our SCOM Operator Training is meant to give you the essential knowledge you need to successfully use this product in your organization. This TopQore SCOM Operator Training is given by experienced SCOM consultants with years of hands-on experience in implementing and administering SCOM environments from small to large deployments in diverse business sectors. The course is created under guidance of two multi-year Microsoft MVP’s from TopQore.  

Intended audience 

Our SCOM Operator Training covers subjects that are essential to those who work as a service desk agent, NOC operator, application or infrastructure owner, and want to use System Center Operations Manager for monitoring and maintaining their service levels and components. 

To get the most value out of our training, participants are expected to have prior experience with recent versions of Microsoft Windows Server. Basic understanding of ITIL processes, Microsoft System Center products, Active Directory, SQL, PowerShell, and networking services is considered useful, but not essential. 

At course completion 

After completing the SCOM Operator Training, the participants will be able to: 

  • Explain the basics of a SCOM management group and how its components relate and interact 
  • Navigate through the SCOM console to perform various tasks 
  • Understand the basics of both the health & class model 
  • Understand the possibilities and differences between rules and monitors 
  • Working with alerts; understand their origin, content, and how to take the appropriate action. 
  • Use performance and state views for troubleshooting and other diagnostics 
  • Work with notifications through email 
  • Use, create and schedule reports 
  • Provide your SCOM administrator with valuable input to help him/her create world-class monitoring content 

Provided with the above skills, the SCOM Operator has improved the ability of having a more complete picture of monitored services to different stakeholders in the company, both pro-active and realtime. As a result, your company will have a firmer grasp on the availability of business processes provided by IT.  

Training content 

The following modules and subjects are part of the SCOM Operator Training: 

  • Introduction TopQore, trainer and students 
  • Why SCOM, and what is it? 
  • Common SCOM Management Groups and their components 
    • Operations Console 
    • Web Console 
    • Management Servers 
    • Resource Pools 
    • Databases 
    • Reporting Server 
    • Microsoft Monitoring Agent 
    • Gateway Servers 
  • Understanding the Class Model 
  • Understanding the Health Model 
  • Understanding Monitors & Rules 
  • Navigating through the SCOM Console 
  • Working with alerts from SCOM or other dashboarding tools 
  • Using state, performance and event views 
  • Working with tasks 
  • Using, creating and scheduling Reports 
  • Help your SCOM administrator build and maintain monitoring solutions 

Practical information 

This training can be given worldwide, in English, Dutch and Spanish. You can choose to invite us to your office or request a location that is convenient for you. 

The training will take half a day for each group. As it might prove difficult to gather your entire organization, we often recommend dividing the group amongst two sessions. In case the training is finished earlier than expected, you can request the trainer to expand and deliberate on discussed topics, to assist in putting the gained knowledge into practice, or to answer SCOM related questions.  

After completing this training, participants receive a signed certificate of completion. 

Please reach out to for bookings and more information.